Showing Branches for Optional or Parallel Paths

Designing with Storyboards


Showing branches in your storyboards

When telling a story in a storyboard, you may want to illustrate a choice in paths that a user can take. Although this is not the stereotypical approach to using storyboards, it can be useful when you want to illustrate such potential branches through software. With Indigo, this can be achieved very easily.

How to add branching to your storyboards

Showing different possible lines your story can follow is as simple as adding a step. Let's say you already have two connected steps. To create a branch, you just need to grab and drag the arrow icon off of the step that you want to branch from.

Indigo will draw a new arrow coming out of the source to the new box that represents your new branch. And there you have it!

Indigo will let you create as many branches as you want.

Remember you can make your arrows curved by dragging them by the drag point.

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