Importing from Sketch

Sketch and Balsamiq integration


The Indigo Sketch plugin provides a way to export your Sketch® Artboards as Indigo Studio projects. This way you can take your Sketch designs and make them interactive with Indigo.

Once you have installed the plugin and used it to export your designs, Open the exported project in Indigo Studio and you'll be ready to go.

In this topic you'll find information about:

Installing the plugin

To export your Sketch Artboards you need to install the plugin.

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Unzip the Indigo file.
  3. Double click the IndigoSketchPlugin.sketchplugin file.
The plugin is also available from [our Git repository][2].

Exporting from Sketch

When working with Sketch, you can find the plugin in the Sketch app menu / Plugins / Indigo Studio.

Export options

You can choose to export:

  • all pages
  • the current page
  • selected artboards

The plugin uses the size of your designs to set values for these options automatically, but you can always change them to suit your needs.

Target viewport

You can target your Indigo Studio prototypes for specific devices. The plugin lets you export to phone, tablet, or desktop viewports available in Indigo. You can pick from our presets or set your custom device size.

When exporting prototypes for devices you can use the status bar as part of the chrome for the viewport, or leave it out if you've included it in your design.

Size for export

Use the 2x option if you're targeting devices with high resolution.

How Sketch elements become Indigo Studio projects

This is what the export process generates based on Sketch elements.

Sketch element Exported as
Page Folder with the same name as the page
Artboard Screen
Group Group
Shape Image
Text Image
Image Image
Symbol instance Image
Symbol master Not exported

The Indigo Studio screens generated during the export process will have a container with all the assets inside.

Sync mechanism

Once you export your Sketch designs to an Indigo Studio project, you can apply changes you make in Sketch later. Just export again to the same folder, and choose to overwrite the Indigo Studio project. The plugin will only export the Sketch assets. Any changes you made in Indigo Studio will remain unchanged.

The process would be something like this:

  1. Create your Sketch designs.
  2. Export Sketch design using the plugin.
  3. Continue your design process in Indigo Studio. Add elements, interactions, animations. Save your changes.
  4. Modify your Sketch designs.
  5. Export again to the same folder. Choose to overwrite. Don't worry. Everything you did in step 3 will still be there!
  6. Continue working on Indigo Studio.
If the project was open in Indigo Studio during this process, close all the documents and click `Refresh` in the `Project Home`. Always save your changes in Indigo Studio before exporting again to avoid conflicts.