Working With Code Snippets

Generating code snippets


Indigo Studio ships with support for generating code snippets in HTML/JS/CSS. This means the people implementing the designs don't need to inspect Indigo prototypes in detail. For example, instead of looking at each animation to see how it's defined, they get the CSS for the animation key frames.

Indigo can generate code for any number of selected elements from the Essentials Pack in a specific state.

Enabling Code Generation

To enable code generation for a project

  1. Click on More Options in the Project Home and select the Manage Code Generation option.
  2. Select a generator from the list.
Currently, there’s only one generator available.

Displaying the Code Snippets Panel

To display the Code Snippets Panel, click the Open Code Snippets Panel button in the Screen designer.

This button is only visible when code generation is enabled.

By default, the Code Snippets Panel is docked to the right of the Indigo Studio window. To make the Code Snippets Panel pop out, click the icon in the header, to the left of the cross icon.

Exploring Code Snippets

Once you select one or more elements in the screen, you get the corresponding CSS, HTML and JS in the Code Snippets Panel. The Selection tab shows the snippets for the selected elements in the designer, and the Screen State tab shows the snippet for all the elements, animations, and interactions in the screen state.

You can also select one or more actions from the Timeline to get the code snippet for them.

For example, take a button with animations for Move and Resize actions and select only the Move action in the Timeline.

The Code Snippets Panel shows the CSS animation for the Move action.