Finding Your Designs

Indigo Studio basics


Opening projects, storyboards, screens, and screenparts

Indigo includes several options for accessing your work, so you can focus on what's really important: developing your design ideas.

Different Ways to Open Designs

Indigo Studio offers different ways for you to access your designs. These are:

(a-1) Using the Open/New pane

Open projects or designs from your computer using the Open/New pane in the Application Menu.

Goal Action Looks like
Browsing for a project or design on your computer Click the button to navigate through your files and choose any project or design. ![][img-2]
Opening a project you recently worked on Select the highlighted area to display recently opened designs belonging to that project or click the link to open the Project Home Tab. ![][img-3]
Opening a design you recently worked on Click to open. The listing shows recently opened screens, screenparts, and storyboards from the selected project. ![][img-4]
Whenever you open a single screen, screenpart, or storyboard, the project is also opened, and the item is seen in its corresponding Project Tab.

(a-2) Using the Project Home Tab

Here you will find all the designs belonging to a project, displayed together with a thumbnail so you can easily spot the one you are looking for.

You can choose to see a gallery view of your screens, screenparts, and storyboards (image above), a list view, or a screen to screen navigation diagram (image below).

This tab has several options to make it easy for you to find the design you are looking for.

Goal Action Looks like
Filtering by folder Select from the available folders or check the Show Me Everything option. ![][img-7]
Filtering by type of design Use the Limit By option, selecting the type of designs you want to display. ![][img-8]
Sorting displayed items Use the Sort By drop down list. ![][img-9]
Searching for items Type search text and hit Enter. ![][img-10]
Displaying gallery, list, or navigation flow view Click one of the options. ![][img-11]

(a-3) Using the Finder/Explorer

Use the Mac Finder or the Windows Explorer to access your Indigo Studio designs. You can double-click or drag designs to open them with Indigo Studio.

Keyboard shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Browse for Project or Design CMD+O (Mac), Ctrl+O (Win)

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