Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Indigo Studio basics

Access the cheat sheet from Indigo Studio with CTRL + K

Screens and screenparts

Action Shortcut
Quick add Alt + click
Draw in place Alt + drag
Override layout snapping suggestions Drag + Ctrl
Reize proportionally / snap to axes or angles Drag + Shift
Bring to front Ctrl + Shift + Up arrow
Send to back Ctrl + Shift + Down arrow
Bring forward Ctrl + Up arrow
Send backward Ctrl + Down arrow
Nudge 10 pixels Shift + Arrow
Group selected elements Ctrl + G
Break group apart for selected elements Ctrl + Shift + G
Toggle guides Ctrl + L
Toggle Interactions Explorer Space + X
Go to previous state Alt + Left arrow
Go to next state Alt + Right arrow
Run from current state Ctrl + F5
Run screen from Start state Shift + F5


Action Shortcut
Add step Tab
Add narrative detail Enter
Go to next step Tab
Move to step Arrow keys


Action Shortcut
Select all Ctrl + A
Select none Ctrl + Shift + A
Add to/remove from selection Ctrl + Click
Select by intersection Shift + Drag
Override layout snapping Drag + Ctrl
Copy selection Ctrl + C
Cut selection Ctrl + X
Paste selection Ctrl + V
Duplicate selection Ctrl + D / Drag + Ctrl
Take snapshot Ctrl + R
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Duplicate document Ctrl + Shift + N
Browse for project/document Ctrl + O
Save current document Ctrl + S
Close current document Ctrl + W
Switch between open documents Ctrl + Tab
Save all Ctrl + Shift + S
Close all Ctrl + Shift + W
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + -
Zoom 100% Ctrl + 0
Pan Space + Drag
Run prom project home F5
Add new document Ctrl + N