Exporting Designs

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Here you'll find information about the different ways Indigo Studio provides for you to export your designs. For a complete list of available formats and exporting options, see Exporting Options.

(a-1) Exporting Designs as Images

Exporting your screens, screenparts, stylesheets, and storyboards as image (.png) files is useful especially if you want to include your Indigo designs in other tools, such as specification documents or presentation tools like PowerPoint or Keynote. Another way of getting images of your screens and storyboards is to take snapshots of them. For more on this, read Taking Snapshots of Your Designs.

When you export designs as images, included annotations outside the canvas will be visible in the exported images. Annotations in Indigo are all the notes, callouts, and arrows in screens and screenparts. Any other elements you have outside the canvas won't be visible.

(a-2) Exporting to a PDF File

Indigo allows you to export your documents as PDF files. The resulting file has a table of contents to help you navigate, and a page with an image for each storyboard, screen state, screenpart state, and stylesheet in your prototype.

The table of contents is structured to help understand the interaction flow and show the different paths available. This diagram shows an example of a screen interaction flow and the resulting PDF table of contents for that flow.

(a-3) Exporting to HTML

Use this option if you want to host the prototype in your servers to share with your reviewers. For more, read Exporting Prototypes to HTML. If you want to use our servers to share the prototype, see Sharing Your Prototypes.

(a-4) Exporting files and assets

You can export files or the whole project to send them to others so they can work on them, too. This kind of export includes all the necessary assets for the screens, screenparts, and storyboards you are exporting, as well as screens included in the storyboards.

(a-5) Exporting screenpart libraries

You can export a screenpart library, and then import it from another project, or share it with other people.

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