Sharing Your Prototypes

Using your prototypes


Indigo Studio provides a one-click sharing feature to easily share your prototype with your clients or team. When you publish to you can update or remove your shared prototypes through Indigo Studio or through the site.

If you have concerns about privacy, please consult our Privacy Policy as well as the Indigo Studio EULA, Section III – Prototype Hosting. In brief, we will not look at your prototypes unless you ask us to, you can password protect them, and we agree to keep the prototype available for a minimum of 12 months from the publishing date.

Currently, you may only share screens and screenparts – not storyboards.

Sharing a prototype using the default options

This publishes the home screen in your project and all its linked screens to

  1. Click on `Share Prototype` in the `Project Home`.

  2. Click on the Generate Link to Prototype button in the Share Prototype dialog.

    Indigo publishes your prototype on the website. You get a success message and your prototype URL.

    If you lose this URL, you can use the Manage Shares option.

For a full description of all the different share options, see Sharing Options.

Managing shared prototypes

Indigo keeps a list of all your shares on To access it, select Manage Shares by:

  • clicking the down arrow next to the Share Prototype button.
  • right clicking the Project Home tab.

This will take you to your shares on, where you can edit their details, delete them and access their URLs, among other things.

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