Usability Study Results Overview

Using your prototypes

Understanding usability studies results

Once you set up your usability study and there are some participants, you can view the results in different ways.

Study overview report

It shows information for all the tasks in your study.

For each task you can see:

  • how many people completed it
  • the average time required to complete it

Clicking on a task will show a detailed report.

Task report

It shows the metrics for each participant.

The metrics cover:

  • task completion
  • time compared to the average
  • number of steps or clicks

if there's a Play option listed for the participant, you can watch a recording of their session in a new tab.

Flow groupings

For most tasks, participants can complete the task any way they want, not just following the flow recorded when creating the task. For these tasks the report shows different categories of flows.

  • Recorded flow: the flow used when defining the task
  • Alternative flow: different from the recorded flow and used by more than 1 participant
  • Unique flow: different from the recorded flow and used by only 1 participant

Session recording viewer


The markers in the timeline represent the way the user interacted with the prototype.

  • Blue - no issues
  • Red - interactions that didn’t follow the expected flow

Use markers to jump straight to the portion you're interested in.


Switch between participants or tasks using the dropdown and navigation on top or the arrow keys:

  • left and right to switch between participants
  • up or down arrow key to switch between tasks


As you are reviewing the video, you can add notes to record your observations. This will add a note marker to the timeline. You can uncheck the checkbox with the timestamp and the marker won't be added.

If the usability study belongs to a group workspace, members will have access to all comments.


To download the video, click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner and select download.

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